BMC is a great way to analyse a business project before you start and putting the solid foundation plan which you can estimates the steps you going to follow and the dynamic of your business project , it was created by Alexander Osterwalder on his book business model ontology , he clearly Staes how you can create a fine plan explaining from all sectors ,your business idea and what does it contain .

business-model-canvas-business model canvas format


We will explain the following sectors involved :

key partners 

What are your key business partners ? , means who you cooperate with in owning shares of your business project .


What are your most important activates ? , means what activated your business relay on so it can be keep going . and mostly its daily ones 

key resources 

What does it require to make your business works ? means , what is the source of your business , for example of you sell mobile phones , from where get these ? who is the dealer you dealing ? and in which country . 

cost structure 

What is your main cost to create value ? means , the cost of your prodcts and services , for example going back to the last example , if you reseller of mobiles , how much these products cost you to but them . And yes you could minor ones as well if there are few .

value propositions 

What value do your customers get for exchange of your products or services ? and you should include all types of your customers , such b2c or b2b .

customer realtionships

What type of relation each customer expect from you and maintaining them ? understanding customers mentality to explain what type of customer relations they expect from you , and they are different views for each product or service.


How do you sell and deliver your service ? they include service points and delivery methods , physical and online . such as retail outlets and e.stores and regarding the second such drivers for physical products and desktop for software .

customer segmants

Who are you targeting for value ? starts which is it for normal people or companies and then descend if its normal people gender , age , hobbies , use ….etc. And the same goes for companies , type , int’l or local ….etc.

revenue streams

What are your main sources of income ? means , including your major of selling your products or services , and if possible you could include the other sources you get paid for as mentioning your income is the most important after proving value .

Business model canvas is simple form to outline your business plan and it can used by any one , even for small projects as well , you should put in the major stuff for each part we talked about , unless you think its important to add the secondary ones , its up too you to see how you set your project after good plaining is one of success secrets .


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