creativity its a necessity nowadays especially with all the tech companies leading the market value in the last century , such as apple , Huwaei and google , for example apple was the first to unleash the smart phones 10 years ago , and that give it an advantage we could touch until now , numbers hit the roof and still is , it was innovative (creative ) move by Steve Jobs . so now we going to reveal the steps to be creative in any area you wish :

1- Team work

when you re creating a space in which people feel emotionally safe and supported by their colleagues , that’s will open now door for success by cooperating with each other .

2- change

people are naturally inclined to maintain the status quo , a tendency called the status quo bias , but something happen when one accepts that change is inevitable – that alleviates suffering and enable positive progress .

3- failure

reframing it as a valuable learning opportunity . according to the research , conceptualizing failure in this way isn’t just positive thinking ; its solid sciense.

4- design

the way in which something is designed will inevitably influence the way in which it’s used .


conflict it is not a necessary a negative force ; it can fuel innovation and excellence . the more conflict you have in your life , the more you will try harder to find an out of the box ways to solve it and by that you start learning to think creatively .

all the 5 steps are necessary to find innovation in your life and career , by optimising them to your needs , you will start to see things differently , you will find the right people to work with , embrace change , never give up , design your day , be positive about you problems .

source : book ( creativity INC )


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