this book had been a major success , probably everyone heard about it , and no reader on the face of earth has not red it , why ? because simply is summarises the most effective habits of you being successful and surprisingly they are not a lot , only seven , here we will go through each one and give brief explanation of them .

Be proactive and only focus on your circle of influence

proactive means you only focus on the things you can change , don’t distract yourself with things you can’t control , is just waste of your time and effort , in other hand , you should always put your resources on the things you can change , lets take your dreams for example , if there are achievable than focus on them , but if they are not realistic or achievable just ignore it .

Visualise success before taking action

keep in mind , first before before taking action be positive about , don’t expect you will fail or anything bad will happen , otherwise , expect the good always but expect the best of every situation .

prioritise your tasks

before you start do your stuff , make to do list and put numbers for which is first and which is after , very important tool to organise your day and do the things more important before the less matter things , this way you will go in straight line with your life without fear .

NEGOTIATE for win-win relationships

understanding is very important in relationships it leads to friends and and widen your influential circle , that’s what win-win relationships go for , because if achieve satisfaction for you and you opponent you truly win 2 things : him and the case you are arguing about .

Listen closly before talking

listening is part of understanding from you side , you should listen to know what does your opponent means , when his angry and accusing you of things you didn’t do , listening is the key here because most of fights happend all are just a big misunderstanding .

Unite with other with respect and OPENNESS

most of us are used to their own culture and find it hard to communicate to other people from different cultures , and what is more important than being respect and open mindedness to speak to people , it allows you to connect to people even more and make friends from all different kinds of cultures .

Shrpen the saw if you want keep sewing

this is a metaphor for being said that you should be the best at what you do because what you do only few know how to do it , said that you should size the opportunity of to be the best at what you do .

these are the seven habits for highly successful people , by doing that you will step further into your goals and your dreams , after hard work and dedication of course , after all , everything need that .

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