Retail sales is one of the most needed jobs in the world as any company who has a product or service need to offer this job , but now is shrinking because digital platform appears which shows the product without the need of retailers , we will explain what is retail sales ?

what is retail sales ?

Is a selling channels contain one agent or more to offer the product to the customer which including convincing him to buy it and helping him with what he needs .

tasks of retail sales agent

It has different tasks such as :

  • Selling to the customer

You must convince the customer as much as you could .

  • Helping the customer ( customer service )

as will you should be able to see what the customer needs and sometimes when he is angry , you should soft talk to him to ease the pressure .

  • Closing the cash

at the end of the day you should be able to close your cash , the one you receive from your sales .

  • Record any activity

you should be able to update or record any important change happen .

  • Always be present

never leave your outlet without alerting the customers .

what the company expect from you ?

The company you work for need from you a few things which are crucial for you to be at best performance such as , record every transaction of cash happen between you and the customer and always update any process happen as well , in other hand , they want to be at your best attendance in coming in and going out on time , no less than a minute , and last thing always keep sales up high which will help you a lot in any coming promotion an inside job , as will they will look at your performance in case you exceeded the limit , this know as an extra miler , companies loves that and they encourage you to do so for both benefit for you and them .

skills required for retail sales

First and must skill to have is people skills , because typically your job is depends on people as they come and go , work too as well .

Another skill is problem solving , while you are working at you counter some people will come will problem complaining and blaming you for their loss , you need to know how to deal with them , not make it worse , absorb their anger , be gentle and solve it !!

One more skill , you need to know how use a computer , Data entry or else you will not know how to serve customers , as will some jobs require universal language (English ) to widen the range of customers .

Retails sales is very common job nowadays and it varies from one company to another , the bigger the company , the more organise this sector is and has more precision , recording and closing the cash is a side necessary do’s fro as retail agent but sales is most important indeed as if sales were too low the shop will bankrupt and close .

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