Pursation is an important skill for grater good , such as persuasion of your kids to behave , including all your family being the father or the mother of them , as will its totally beneficial for career purposes whether its your boss or your customer as that included in Sales or marketing and any type of job , here we look at the single 6 steps to be the best at persuation :

step 1 : reciprocity

You have to start by analysing what is offered for you , try to identify which offers that are used for manipulation tactics , when you do , treat the offer you have been given as a trick , not a favour . If you redefine the offer as a trick that will be defined as a strategy from the giver to get something from you rather then benefit you . this way you will get yourself of the need to reciprocate .

step 2 : coherence and commitment

If the opportunist gets you to assume and express a commitment , you adopt a posture to match and manifest it , this sets the groundwork for you to automatically act on that prior commitment . Once that position is adopted , follow your natural tendency to behave according to it .

step 3: social sanctions

We determine what is right by finding out what others think , We observe the reactions of others and act like them .

Manipulators uses this way to get what they want , so we must analyse the person acts before we mimc their behaviour .

step 4 : sympathy

The mechanisms of defence against the apparent sympathy of manipulators is simple , it is about analysing what factors attract us to them and preventing them from affecting us . we must be attentive to the fact that we have developed sympathy for the person who tries to manipulate us faster or in a deeper way that normal . The identification ,of unwarranted sympathy is generally enough to help us react against it . When this happens , we can freely devote ourselves to assessing whether the proposal itself beneficial to us or not .

step 5 :authority

The first question that we should ask ourselves is ” are they really an expert ?’ this question forces us to reflect and concentrate our attention on the essential aspects of the of the situation rather then on appearances , such as considering the credentials of the authority figure and linkage of those credentials with the subject at hand , this is a very valuable question because it changes the focus of our attention to essential concerns . The second question ” what degrees of truthfulness can we assign to this expert ?” there are times when authorities do not present information to us comprehensively or objectively , but rather are acting out of personal interests . Therefore , we have to determine their reliability in each suituation , even if they are a legitimate authority , by thinking about whether the expert benefits from out adherence to his opinion , we then protect ourselves from manipulation .

step 6 : shortage

Manipulators uses sarcasity to hunt their pray as they know when they offer a valuable thing and scares in the same time , its an essential thing for some people and by that they got him good . If we become aware of our behaviour increases when we are in situation of submission due to shortage , we will be able to detect the possible tactics based .

You should know by reading first to get yourself from the need reciprocates , revise your situation before you commit ,never mimic suspecioues behaviour , sympathy only fro people who deserve it , always ask before given authority to someone you don’t trust , don’t fall a for a pray for a need .

Source :

Book of ( influence : the psychology of persuation )

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