To be NLP expert ( nuro-linguistic programming ) you need to first define the science behind , in what sector does this knowledge belongs too , obviously its a social science but then scientists added it up to become part of social engineering so what is social engineering ?

what is social ENGINEERING ? and NLP ?

is a set of psychological tricks that exploit human vulnerabilities to influence a target’s actions . while NLP , is a mode of communication that focuses on the way people think and experience the world , in other words , NLP focuses on the way people think and experience the world.

bear in mind as well NLP concentrates on the concepts of state of mind , conscious / unconscious relationships and the filters we use when making sense of reality .



you need to gather as much as information as you possibly can about your target , such as who and what he loves , who and what he hates , important things to him …etc

step 2 : fake identity

when crafting your identity , its important to draw inspiration based on your target’s interests in order to inspire their trust in you , put in mind , it must be natural and logical .

step 3 : connect with the target

start by making the target feel like you have good chemistry and rapport , One way to do this is by making the conversation about the target .

Ne mindful of your body language , by matching the movement with your words . You can also build a rapport bay matching appearance to theirs . Once you built the connection necessary , you can then elicitation to influence the target to behave as you want them to because it makes sense or feel logical to them . To use elicitation effectively , its important to understand a few things about people , they want to be polite to strangers , they talk more when they are praised and respond kindly to someone who appears concerned about them .

step 4 : always watch target emotions

there are seven types of universal emotions , all of them which have their own micro expressions :

  • Anger : makes the eyebrows slant down together , and the lips stretch outward .
  • Disgust : wrinkles the nose and raises the upper lip
  • Contempt : also wrinkles the nose but raises only one side of the lip
  • Fear : causes us to open our eyes wide , with eyebrows bunched and lips stretch outward .
  • Surprise : raises the eyebrows and dips the jaw .
  • Sadness : likewise drops the jaw , pulls the lips down and squints the eyes .
  • Happiness : broadens the eyes , raises the cheeks and produce a smile .

Reading your target micro expressions can help you identify their emotions and give you the information you need to respond appropriately.

Step 5 : insert commands

now after you gain the target trust , you can insert commands into their speech without alerting them , this skill is called the ultimate voice .

step 6 : Be wise

you must be very careful and not show it in the same time , you should remain clam like you your are not in control , or else you will lose big consequences .

Finally , there are 6 simple steps to do but require discipline and total calmness , all gathering should be done in secret , they should not know your real identity , you should be able to connect with your target after you gain his trust , never loss your concentration on his face expressions , and start to insert your orders , please put in mind this is all for a cause witch is a good no other then that

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