While you are fed up with your life some people trying to find their purpose in surviving the day , few others are content with their life and want nothing more than what they are at , do they all have same purpose in life or is it everyone have its own reason to live ? we will explain what is the point of your life and why is the point important to understand so upon you can determind your own method of delivering that purpose

life philosophy is finding the purpose of it , understand it and following it , so what is that purpose ? and why is it so important for our existence

purpose of life

I strongly agree that there is higher power than life itself , one which can’t undergo to our rules of earth or another rules that goes by you , its God , one and only , one god there is , and whom should be worshipped , and enslave ourselves for him on time efficient matter .


As we established that the purpose of our lives is worship god , but philosophically what is life ? life is divided into two parts ( you and others ) what you do for yourself eternally and what you to others temprorally as when you work for yourself you should do all the in a way to help your self survive the life after which is the real life everyday we should aspire for and for others you should help to make their life better this is define as work , which we do to earn a living , we can analyse that and divide life into :

  • Personal

to develop yourself in all areas of life and gain safe pass to the next life

  • Work

to help optimising other people life by doing good for them and earn a living , as well you helping yourself for your safe pass in the next life

Some people will objectify , what about enjoyment , is there no room to joy ? yes there is but shouldn’t be overwhelmed on your personal and work life as our time on earth conditioned , as regret won’t matter once your there in the day of judgment of your life.

why ?

why all the have to do all of that ? what is the catch ? I think no one can answer that as there is an answer but our minds will not comprehends , only the one we worship knows why we worship him , so we should be thankful and grateful that god gave us lives .

life philosophy is to optimise your self to what’s next , its about the long term vision of your life , always asking yourself what happens when I die ? once you know that your are supposed to worship the high power of god than your should prepare to it .

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