Whole my life I wanted to know how to be happy and many people still searching until now , its a universal question where all ask from all different religious and social back grounds , we will mention what some scientists and educators say , and concluded with the end philosophical point of view .

The happiness hypothesis

We start with a book called (the happiness hypothesis ) which she explains what makes you happy in her point of view , she entitled that 50% to 80% person happiness determine on genetics , and clarify that happiness determine by three factors are :

  • number & quality if relationships
  • work matches your strengths
  • relationship rating with the divine

Its true these all affects you happiness but they are not major fundamentals for your happiness , they are just a perfectionists .

Also she mentions in her book that ( Moral life = happier life ) its true the more you behave right the more your happy with yourself but still you could this and not fully happy yet because its only adding on , morals determine your relationship with others , as will she mentions that struggle leads to coherence and leads to strength , so more strength in your major = more happiness , is the same goes for this , is just and add on no , doses not make a huge difference in determination of your happiness .

Einstein theory of happiness

the picture shows what Einstein told room service attendant in a hotel he was staying in as he didn’t have tips so instead he gave him this formula , we could see Einstein has explain the first part of happiness which is ( calm and modest life ) which means a relax life , and how to obtain physical and mental relaxation is by being healthy

this is acquire 50% of happiness is HEALTH , SO WHAT THE ABOUT 50% LEFT ?

All the world agrees on that , but what other that 50% lies for its for faith in other word your relationship with god , how faithful you are to god , and yes no one can determine how close you’re to god but god himself .

as you can see many rich and famous people are lost because simply they are far from god , they are into the pleasures of life more than spiritual means which is the way of god , one and only .

ok the theory of happiness has been clarified but what about he things we pursue in life and feels great when er have them , those are only perfectionist happiness factors and they are :

  • Money
  • Love
  • Power
  • influence
  • success

so forth the theory of happiness is ( Health + Faith = happiness ) this the best definition is acquired in all times of human existence on earth , most people knew this but never prove it until now because it require you to prove what religion is right and is just gets complicated when we associated evidence with holy books explaining what is real happiness is .

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