Some say its a talent , some say its not but its only a skill no matter who you are it starts with hanging out with friends once you are the one who rule the set out with all you friend listening to you closely , that means you got what it takes to be public speaker and that is confidence , its the main key to it . but there are factors which has to be considered for public speaking .

  • Visualise success before you start

In ultimately everything you need to do that , as its associated with being always positive and believing the best of you , and so forth you will acclaims.

  • Make fake deadlines before

Normally for every speech you have a preparation deadline so for efficiency put on a fake deadline before the actual deadline , this way you will have more to review your work as well you be extra ready for confronting your audience .

  • Focus on delivering the best message you can

Once your start your speech don’t be distracted with other factors such as how big in the audience or how to be still while people looking at you , just put your main focus on giving the best advice you can give to people by saying what’s important , this way people will be satisfied they get value from you .

  • Familiarise yourself with the venue

Some way you could do is to go to the venue you giving the speech in and just hang out there , take a few rounds , look up the ceiling , mentally you will accept the Venue and you will find some kind of comfort from the environment , this will help a lot .

  • Give grumpy people en eye contact

You will have people during your speech that they are fed up with you whether they don’t like or just don’t like what you saying , just look at them on the eye and act like you do care about what they think of you and your speech , the most important thing , should not mind them .

  • Focus on positive people

As they are people who are grumpy , there are positive people who are help in lifting you up to continue giving your speech with more enthusiasm , keep you’re eye on those , ask them questions , comments and so on .

  • Never say I’m nervous

This is a red line for you , don’t even mention it because if you don’t say they will not feel your nervous but once you say it everything will collapse.

Public speaking is key skill in all areas of life from career to personal you may public speak but never realise that especially in your personal life , once you keep these factors in mind you will wake ahead in public speaking than most people are .

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