Balance between heart and mind is what we seek to achieve fulfilment in our lives , heart is easy to reach but mind in the other hand is require patience and life time learning , here are 11 tips that will help you in achieving excellence in in pursing your mind .

Balance between work and personal

These two lines must go together for you mental and physical health , as if one line cancel the other you will get frustrated and eventually it will lead to damage one part of your life . As if your personal life steps on work then you will find life empty and with no meaning , or what if work stepped on personal life then too much stress and that leads to death .

Leader face

As the leader progresses into the bright future there are things which he need to put in mind , such as when his team makes mistakes , he must share the blame , that why he should be wise about choosing the team first of all .

Motivation and leadership two parts in one body

A leader must a motivated person who motivate his team in the same time , or else he will lose his team trust and enthusiasm and that will make a bad leader

Integrity is the key

Any business need hard work , commitment and dedication to succeed but there is more important thing to make sure your business keep uprising , integrity is essential in all aspects of dealing with nearly everything in our lives .

Honesty sells

I worked few years in sales , learned few things when trying to sell anything (honesty) is the key as customer will likes you for sure , especially is sales with it you will earn : trust and respect , and this is the beginning to develop a tied relationship and earn long time friends .

Be thankful and always smile

You could say is the same as being positive , not entirely true , positive means focus on good thing and avoid the bad . Here is what works in modesty is simplicity these will leads you to smile and just enjoy life no matter what the circumstances , simply it will let you be open intentionally to to any situation good or bad happen to you .

Chase what you love

First find it and then pursue it as working in you passion is one part of happy life .and success on the second door .

Don’t run from work

Nowadays most people life to stay home and things that enjoy and sometimes laziness kicked in and by that they run from hustle to ease and comfort . but the time you will head onwards is the time when you approach work .

Be a better communicator

The key to speak well is , listen , pause and replay as you will find the right response for his words and eventually it will lead you to a loving person .

Being independent

Eventually you will reach an age when you are that level and there are some people who reach it faster than other people , and to be that you need to gain they key which is responsibility , being responsible first about your life , than your family and than your friends , as you become more indepandant the circle wide .

Eliminate negative people

You should do this immediately and without hesitation as they will absorb you power and if you hang out with them more you will become like them and will leader to the destruction of your life (what we believe in , is what going to happen ) .

There are many things to lean about nourishing your mind , these are few things from my humble mind , what’s is more important is to never stop learning because we all student in this school called life .

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