Social skills is essential for all aspects of life especially work , there are few techniques to be a good communicator and gain friends and customers easily , most of them require zero effort but bravery is a must .

1- Be Winner

simply before any important social encounter do the follows :

  1. Remember unstoppable times
  2. Be grateful
  3. Stretch
  4. Fake a smile
  5. positive a body state when you are there

2- Focus on first impression .

First impression make people hate you with time if you are not carful so to avoid that you need to use a short words circle before you start any conversation which is ( ask deep questions + make positive assumption ) and of course that after introduction part finish

3- Introduction

Must be a limited time of an average 15 sec , not too short that will make him question your honesty or not to long that will make him bored . and when I say intro I mean intro to your life , means what people should know about you to start to know you much better , so social connection could happen .

4- Encourage yourself to talk with strangers

Do that by show interest in them for example how do you know him etc… , this way will make you more acceptable to the society you belong too and another way , what you could is verbalise positivity in front of him , as you will show him you are one of the good guys .

5- Rejection is OK

There will come a time when you get rejected , don’t freak out is ok , is not that they don’t like you its just depends on their circumstances , sometimes the reason is you are seeking their approval , to cure this issue you need to define the outcome of rejection before it happens and than if it happen just forget about them .

6- Eliminate negative people

Sometimes when you have a small circle or no circle at all you tend to befriend at any cost and that will cost you a lot , as there are people whom benefit from that (using you ) we call them negative people and haters , THEY ARE MUST BE AVOIDED because they really wishes to meet for their advantages .

7- Don’t be a maybe person

this part require courage as you need to be decisive about you decisions or else people will hesitate to deal with you , as once you have no circle and opportunity knock at you door don’t say you no , you may not retrieve it .

human are based Socially for their development in life , once you are positive about it , seek it and ignore the naysayers , you are good to go , this only the start to your amazing beautifall life .

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