2030 is close by and believe it or not , sales is one of few prosperous jobs will flourish in the near future , so how to do it ? , simply to be in the sales you need to understand what is sales and what are the factors you need in sales .

Sales is very diverse and huge devision , but people mistaken sales for money intake , as that not true , the truth is sales is ” making a new customers and helping them ” and would be much better if that customer was or you made him a friend , in this case we will explain the mechanism :

1- Preparation :

Is must to be prepared and to do it , you need to know exactly what are you taking about ,means , you should know all the pricing , promotions , measurement , rates , offers , etc.. you should know everything the customer need to know .

2- Be present

Imagine you go to a meeting and the man you supposed to see didn’t come for unknown reason , how would you feel ?! the same goes for the customer , addition to that he will release his anger ob the first one from your company and that will affect your performance badly and you don’t want that .

3-Be instantly likeable

There are few things you can do :

  • Appearance
  • Smile
  • visualise success
  • perfect hand shake
  • eye contact
  • remember their name

4- Find out what they need

the most needed skill for this step is listening , once you listen you will know exactly what they need , if they for some reason refused to tell , then open a friendly conversation by this simple circle ( question – answer – comment ) this will raise the customer openness and make him more comfortable .

5- Show the benefits

For every product or service there are features and benefits , unfortunately customers don’t care about features so you have one tool in your hand , show it , clear it to the customer so he feel more secure about the company and by that they will conclude that you care .

6- handling objections

There is no sales process without some kind of objections , sometimes the customer is sured enough to pay but if you Digg through him , you will find a little objection , and sometimes he just too convinced with the objection , the truth is they are afraid of commitment and they keeping the truth in reserve and once you start asking him he will say price !! the truth is not, if it is then why he came to you originally , you can use this sentence ( I know how you feel , I felt the same way about ***** , give evidence , and than I found ***** ) this would works BUT you must be honest (never lies ).

7. Close

Many people do miss out confirming the sale which is the most important part , once you done from all the pervious steps is time to make the sale to the customer , and better be sound as a common metaphor , such as ( are we ready to fly captain ?) or just shall we do it will work too .

8. Follow up

This is the last step , and in this step in particular will keep your sales on the raise because it will show how polite and honest you are and you are not trying to rip him off with price .

At the end we would say sales is a great profession and there is a better future for it to start you should be a good communicator and team competitive and sometimes a team work skills is required .

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