Huge contravention lies in definition of what success is, some say wealth others say giving while the left say is both fame and wealth , all definitions were declared on their point of view , their environment , social circle , genes , abilities , life values etc…. . in this article a universal definition is given .

Hard work , intelligence and social influence those are the key factors to success as most of us know , once we calculate the effects in ratio to the goal we achive we calculate how much success we made , let’s say 10/10 our ultimate power we can reach ,for example if we put 1/10 intelligence and 5/10 hard work and 0.5/10 influnce than our success to reach a specific goal is (6.5/10 ) , this is how success we are towards that goals .

Success is mixed of different things one part is fame (reputation ) , wealth and helping others, they all what we seek daily with conscious minds , without realising our true potential to reach success , as many courses online and in-person were thought to help to seek it.

First question they start is ”what is success to you ?” if you answers , means you just start to your journey . But many people don’t answer it .

Nowadays in this world success carry one definition is ” how much people lives you changed and because of it you became wealthy and famous and all is recorded for other generations so you can be remembered ” that is the best interpretation of what is success therefore is never ending .

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